iOS Question [Solved] Upload iTunes - Invalid Swift Support

Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by Marcus Araujo, Jan 12, 2019.

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  1. Marcus Araujo

    Marcus Araujo Member Licensed User

    After I upload the release version into iTunes, I receive an email with an error:

    Non-public API usage:
    • The app contains one or more corrupted binaries. Rebuild the app and resubmit. (9x this line)

    Invalid Swift Support - The files libswiftDarwin.dylib, libswiftCoreGraphics.dylib, libswiftCoreFoundation.dylib, libswiftos.dylib, libswiftObjectiveC.dylib, libswiftQuartzCore.dylib, libswiftMetal.dylib, libswiftFoundation.dylib, libswiftUIKit.dylib, libswiftCoreImage.dylib, libswiftCore.dylib, libswiftDispatch.dylib, libswiftCoreAudio.dylib don’t match /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto', /Payload/Martelletto'

    Make sure the files are correct, rebuild your app, and resubmit it.
    Don’t apply post-processing to (same libs as above).

    Any clue to fix that?
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Which Swift libraries are you using?
  3. Marcus Araujo

    Marcus Araujo Member Licensed User

    I honestly have no idea, the build is in the hosted Mac builder.

    The libraries I'm using on the project are: iBarcode, iCore, iEncryption, iFirebaseAnalytics, iFirebaseAuth, iFirebaseNotifications, iHttpUtils2, iHUD, iJSON, iPhone, iRandomAccessFile, iSideMenu, iTopNotifications and iXUI.

    I'm also using two external codes (OBJC): one importing CommonCrypto/CommonHMAC.h for HMAC-256 and other for showing an Input Dialog.
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    It is related to iTopNotifications which is a swift library. I'm checking it.

    I recommend you to remove this library as it is easy to create the same notification with a panel. The swift dependency makes compilation much slower and more complicated.
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  5. Marcus Araujo

    Marcus Araujo Member Licensed User

    That worked (and reduced IPA size by 80%). Thanks for the insight.
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