Android Question Solved - webview overrideURL - resumable


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My app displays custom web pages and when I link is clicked I use overrideURL to stop the page from loading then goto another part of the app or get data and process it etc.
I want to execute a link to a resumable sub but then the IDE wants the overrideURL to be a resumable sub instead of boolean which crashes my app

Are both resumable subs

Sample code:
Private Sub WVCar_OverrideUrl (sentUrl As String) As ResumableSub' Boolean
    #if b4i
    Dim wv1 As WKWebView
    wv1 = Sender
    #else if b4a
    Dim wv1 As WebView
    wv1 = Sender
    #End If
    Dim find1 As Int
    If sentUrl.StartsWith("http://remote") Then
        #if b4j
        #End If
        find1 = sentUrl.LastIndexOf("/")
        Dim remotesID As String = sentUrl.SubString(find1 + 1)
        If sentUrl.StartsWith("http://remote_a") Then
        Else If sentUrl.StartsWith("http://remote_d") Then
        else If sentUrl.StartsWith("http://remote_ed") Then
'            EditRemoteFeedbackData(remotesID)
        End If
    End If
    Return True
end sub