Android Question [Solved] WebView that supports ionic framework

Rajesh kannan MJ

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Is it possible to support and display ionic framework files in B4A?

I tried using file:// option but, it broke css. Also not sure whether it will support ajax.

I understand B4A and WebView based apps are completely different. But just thought whether it is possible.

Also, If anyone could create wrapper for Cordova, It can help to embed server in webview.

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UPDATE: April 10, 2015
It is not the bug from webview. It is how ionic is supposed to render in Android webviews. So, the display differs from iOS. Thanks to Erel for yous cool and patience replies.

For more information about why/how ionic renders please visit this external site thread
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Rajesh kannan MJ

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@Erel I apologize on the webview issue. Actually, webview renders it correctly.

I asked ionic people on it. They told me that ionic is instructed to display things this way when rendered in Android. So, the look and feel differs from iOS.

You can see the thread here . I wanted to post this link, because, it may be useful to any one who wish to combine ionic and B4A :)

Thanks again Erel,