Android Question Something strange happening...Designer

Lary Yenta

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I have something strange happening with my designer and was curious on how to fix it. I have attached a screengrab of what I see on the designer.

I want to have a Label on top of a page (Based on having several different scroll views) My label does not appear when I run my app.I have set up the anchors but still no luck. Strange part is, it used to run just fine?

Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so, what am I doing wrong?





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ave set up the anchors
How does it look in the running app?
How have you set the anchors for the panel under your label?
Do you have an actionbar on your layout and maybe forget to set the top of your label to start under the actionbar?

Like Klaus said; without knowing what you have done and how it is hard to help

Lary Yenta

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Hi there Klaus and DonManfred,

Well, I must have pulled a bonehead move because I rebuilt the same page BUT i double checked my label anchors and realized that I must have reset them (DOH!!! Face Palm)...Now everything is working just as expected! Thank you gentlemen very much!