Android Question SQLCipher with SQLite 3.24 version

Apip Bayok

I'm using SQLCipher Library V1.6 with 3.5.9.arr additional file.
File 3.5.9.arr support SQLite 3.20.x that didn't work some query syntax, minimal required 3.24 to run the query. then I try to use 4.4.0.arr but it won't work.
Need help please.


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See this Tutorial

Which Version of B4A are you using?
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Apip Bayok

Thank you for your reply

I'm using B4A V.10
I've solved my problem a few days ago. Now SQLite version in my project is V3.27 with SQLCipher Library V1.6 dependsOn 4.1.2.arr in XML file.
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