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Hi Erel

When the program B4I will be released, you mentioned that we can use a MAC on our network using XCode to compile the project.

Some questions:

- are the apps made with B4I exported as Objective C or SWIFT ?

- will we have access to that source code in case we need to make finer details?

In either way, it would be extremely good to have a protocol to allow access to the range of existing libraries / frameworks (better still if you explain us how to help you on this endeavour) and how to use native languages (esp. SWIFT) to build new modules.


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you should read all topic about b4i before ask:
1. All apps and library for b4i are written by Objective C (Swift code not supported yet)
2. You will have xcode project to complice by Mac Lan computer or Remote complice computer (now in b4i beta)
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