B4A Library Swipe actions on both sides of xCustomListView

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    Referring to: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-clvswipe-xcustomlistview-swipe-actions-and-pull-to-refresh.98252/ ,
    I have edited class CLVSwipe of downloaded sample B4A_CLVSwipe.zip to function swiping both sides.

    Since the swipe process left and right menu, it is initialized/created by inputing both menu item in form of list.

    'inside CLVSwipe
    Public Sub CreateItemValue(Value As Object, lActions As List, rActions As ListAs SwipeItem
    Dim m As SwipeItem
        m.Value = Value
        m.leftActions = lActions
        m.rightActions = rActions
    Return m
    End Sub
    'inside Main
    CustomListView1.AddTextItem(cs, Swipe.CreateItemValue("", _
    Array("A1""A2""A3"), Array("Action 1""Action 2""Action 3")))
    The ChangeOffset, CreateActionButtons are duplicated to generate left and right menu.

    I did not changed the B4i codes because I developed Android only.

    Hope that improvement is helpful!!!

    Demo swipe

    Left buttons...

    Right buttons...

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