B4J Code Snippet TableView: Adding tooltips to column headers

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    This is no magic really, some time ago there was a post here about adding fontawesome buttons to headers, so I included it on my snippets, here too.

    I have realized something, my table has abbreviations and I sometimes forget what they even mean. Lol.


    So me things, there is already a button added, why not also include a tooltip. The tableView setGraphic method comes handy to do that, however it does not extend the column width. So I had to read the column width and then increase it by the button icon width..

    'set an icon for a column header
    Sub TableViewSetColumnHeaderToolTip(idxPos As int, Tooltip As String)
    If idxPos = -1 Then Return
    Dim cWidth As Double = TV.GetColumnWidth(idxPos)
    Dim btn As Button
        btn.PrefWidth = 
        btn.PrefHeight = 
        btn.Enabled = 
        btn.MouseCursor = fx.Cursors.HAND
        btn.Font = awesome
        btn.Text = 
        btn.TooltipText = Tooltip
        CSSUtils.SetBackgroundColor(btn, fx.Colors.Transparent)
    'expand the with
        TV.SetColumnWidth(idxPos,cWidth + 32)
    End Sub

    'set the column graphic
    private Sub TableViewSetColumnGraphicOnly(Index As Int, xNode As Node)
    Dim jo As JavaObject = TV
    Dim column As JavaObject = jo.RunMethodJO("getColumns"Null).RunMethod("get"Array(Index))
    End Sub
    So now, even if I forget, I can just hover on the Q mark and know what the column is about... ;)
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