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Sreenadh OG

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Hi all,
I have a table contain six column, so i want scroll this table horizontally, ..
My code is shown below...
Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
    SV.Initialize(0) 'ScrollView
    Table = SV.Panel
    Table.Color = TableColor
    Activity.AddView(SV, 5%x, 10%y, 100%x, 80%y)
    ColumnWidth = SV.Width / NumberOfColumns
    SelectedRow = -1
    'add header
    SetHeader(Array As String("Col1", "Col2", "Col3", "Col4","New","Name"))
    'add rows
    For i = 1 To 100
        AddRow(Array As String(i, "Some text", i * 2, "abc",i+1,i+2))
    'set the value of a specific cell
    SetCell(0, 3, "New value")
    'get the value
    Log("Cell (1, 2) value = " & GetCell(1, 2))
End Sub

How can i scroll this table horizontally?


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In the upper right corner of the forum page you have the search box.
Enter ScrollView2D and the second item is what you are looking for.

You didn't answer the question What TableView are you talking about ?
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Sreenadh OG

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I want display the content form database to table, i don't know more about tableview, And i want to get the details of selected row.
so which one is suitable for me .
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