Android Question Text scaling in code vs AutoScale


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I present data in a scrollview table that is loaded onto a panel in my activity.
This panel can changesize depending on orientation, although I will try lock the aspect ratio as it seems easiest to deal with the text if the aspect ratio remains more or less constant.

I only have 4 rows to display, so currently I set the row height and font size within my main code like this:
RowHeight_1 = (TablePanel.Height-8)/4
    FontSize = RowHeight_1/2
    HeaderFontSize = FontSize * 0.75

That seems to work OK, but I am worried that setting the font size like that is not the correct thing to do.
I have AutoScale on and the rate set to 1.0, but does that apply to the Scrollview because it is added to the activity in code, not the designer?