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In my app, users can schedule receiving silent notifications during a time period e.g between 18.00 and 23.00. I am using B4x PushServer and using the DeviceToken API, the app communicates to the PushServer the start-time and the end time set by the user. The idea is that when silent notifications are being sent from the PushServer, the "send class" takes into consideration the time interval set by the users.

To do this, I guess I will also need to take into consideration the timezone in use on the device. So I am planning to save (using the DeviceToken API once again) the TimeZoneOffset value in use on the device. My PushServer is running on timezone GMT so it should be quite straightforward to implement this.

That said, I am unsure if the value returned from DateTime.TimeZoneOffset takes into consideration daylight savings time. Does it?
If yes, then fine and I am ready to go
If not, then before communicating to the PushServer the value returned from DateTime.TimeZoneOffset, I would like to find out if daylight savings time is in force on the device so I can send the correct value.

Thanks to anyone who can explain this better.