Bug? Tiny screen layout variant problem!


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I am playing with a teeny tiny Android 8.1 phone with an equally teeny tiny screen. It's a Unihertz Jelly Pro. The screen layout values are 240 x 432 in portrait and 432 x 240 in landscape with a reported scale of 0.75.

My BA layout has two variants 360 x 720 and 720 x 360, both scale 1. On every other device I have this works fine but on the tiny device, no matter what the device orientation, only the portrait variant is loaded :(

Is the variant choice made by LoadLayout being confused by the small screen dimensions?


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I had a similar issue recently: only the smallest layout would load into a panel, regardless of the size of the panel (which I For..Nexted in 20-pixel steps through every combination of widths and heights, from ludicrously small to ludicrously large).

Is there any chance of seeing the code that chooses the variant, so's I can work out why the other variants would not load?

Even better would be:

- a method that returns a list of the variants As LayoutValue (or even just the number of variants), and
- a LoadLayout2(LayoutName, VariantNumber) method
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