iOS Question TMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage (UIWEBVIEW)

Fabio Campanella

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I've a custom class (not custom view) that use a WebView.
Now, with WKWebView I must use the designer and don't can use several classes that contains own WebView with their own events etc.

I Have this comfortable and useful class:

Sub Class_Globals
   Private WF As WebView
   'Private WE As WebViewExtras
   'Private WX As WebViewSettings
   Private VARS() As String
   Private CurrentURL As String
   Private CurrentVARS As String
   Private mHandler As Object
   Private mEventName As String
   Private mHtmlCode As String
   Private mDefaultHtmlCode As String
   Private mPnl As Panel
   Private mWidth As Int
   Private mHeight As Int
   Private mTop As Int
   Private mLeft As Int
   Private SU As StringUtils
   Private mTag As Object
   Private mTagID As Object
   Private mEnableExternalLinks As Boolean = False
End Sub

'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed.
Public Sub Initialize( pPnl As Panel, pHandler As Object, pEventName As String, pLeft As Int, pTop As Int, pWidth As Int, pHeight As Int, pDefaultHtmlCode As String)

   mHandler = pHandler
   mEventName = pEventName
   mPnl = pPnl
   mLeft = pLeft
   mTop = pTop
   mWidth = pWidth
   mHeight = pHeight
   mDefaultHtmlCode= pDefaultHtmlCode
   Dim Ntv5 As NativeObject = WF
   'Ntv5.SetField("opaque", False)
   Ntv5.GetField("scrollView").SetField("bounces", False)
   'WF.ZoomEnabled = False
   'WE.ZoomEnabled = False
   'WX.setSupportZoom(WF, False)
   mPnl.AddView(WF, mLeft, mTop, mWidth, mHeight)
End Sub

public Sub AsView As WebView
   Return WF
End Sub

Public Sub getEnableExternalLinks As Boolean
   Return mEnableExternalLinks
End Sub

Public Sub setEnableExternalLinks(v As Boolean)
   mEnableExternalLinks = v
End Sub

private Sub WF_PageFinished (Success As Boolean, Url As String)
   If SubExists(mHandler, mEventName & "_Loaded",0) And Success = True Then
       CallSub(mHandler, mEventName & "_Loaded")
   End If
End Sub

Private Sub WF_OverrideUrl(Url As String) As Boolean
   If mEnableExternalLinks = True Then
       If Url.IndexOf("http://") = 0 Or Url.IndexOf("https://") = 0  Then ' è un link esterno
           If SubExists(mHandler, mEventName & "_RaiseExternalLink",1) Then
               CallSub2(mHandler, mEventName & "_RaiseExternalLink", Url)
           End If
           Return True
       End If
   End If
   CurrentURL = SU.DecodeUrl(Url, "utf-8")
   Dim nu As String = SU.DecodeUrl(Url, "utf-8")
   Dim iPos As Int = nu.IndexOf("/par?")
   nu = nu.SubString(iPos+5)
   VARS = Regex.Split("&",nu)
   CurrentVARS = nu
   If SubExists(mHandler, mEventName & "_Raise",0) Then
       CallSub(mHandler, mEventName & "_Raise")
   End If
   Return True
End Sub

public Sub LoadHtml(pHtmlCode As String)
   mHtmlCode = pHtmlCode
   If mHtmlCode.IndexOf("///")>0 Then
       mHtmlCode = mHtmlCode.Replace("/android_asset", File.DirAssets)
       mHtmlCode = mHtmlCode.Replace("android_asset", File.DirAssets)
   End If
End Sub

public Sub LoadHtmlFromRemoteUrl(pRemoteUrl As String, pVars() As String, pPostMode As Boolean)
   Dim j As HttpJob
   j.Initialize("jWS", Me)
   Dim xx As String
   For i = 0 To pVars.Length -1
       If xx <> "" Then xx = xx & "&"
       xx = xx & pVars(i)
   If pPostMode = True Then
       Dim bc As ByteConverter
       Dim Data() As Byte = bc.StringToBytes(xx, "utf-8")
       j.PostBytes(pRemoteUrl, Data)
       j.GetRequest.SetHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8")
       j.PostString(pRemoteUrl, xx)
   End If

End Sub

public Sub ExecuteJavaScript(l() As Object)
   Dim no As NativeObject = WF  
   no.RunMethod("stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:", l)
End Sub

public Sub setWebBackground(color As Int)
   WF.Color = color
End Sub

Private Sub JobDone(j As HttpJob)
   If j.Success Then
       mHtmlCode = j.GetString2("utf-8")
       ' Cambia android_asset
       If mHtmlCode.IndexOf("///")>0 Then
           mHtmlCode = mHtmlCode.Replace("/android_asset", File.DirAssets)
           mHtmlCode = mHtmlCode.Replace("android_asset", File.DirAssets)
       End If  
   End If
End Sub

public Sub getTag As Object
   Return mTag
End Sub

public Sub setTag(pTag As Object)
   mTag = pTag
End Sub

public Sub getTagID As Object
   Return mTagID
End Sub

public Sub setTagID(pTag As Object)
   mTagID = pTag
End Sub

public Sub GetVars As String()
   Return VARS
End Sub

public Sub GetValue( varName As String ) As String
   Dim sRet As String = ""
   If VARS.Length > 0 Then
       For i = 0 To VARS.Length -1
           Dim data() As String = Regex.Split("=", VARS(i))
           If data.Length = 2 Then
               If varName.ToLowerCase() = data(0).ToLowerCase() Then
                   sRet = data(1)
               End If
           End If
   End If
   Return sRet
End Sub

#End if
How can I use it with the WKWebView? :(

Fabio Campanella

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Hi everyone,
I created a custom library that uses WKWebView without Designer and works perfectly. I totally deleted any reference to UIWebView but the problem persists.
nobody has the same problem?

This apple problem started it only 2 or 3 days ago. In my opinion there are many third-party libraries that use UIWebView ... wandering on the net this problem is literally exploding ... I believe it is right to have the maximum attention.

I use:

in one or more of these there is the reference to UIWebView

Ps. I attack this "suspicius" link:
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Semen Matusovskiy

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Just sent to TestFlight. I also had two pages with "WebView" and changed to WKWebView. App Store Connect informs about "ITMS-90809 Missing Purpose String in info.plist" and ITMS-90809 anyway.

I think the probem in iCore library. Unlike we do not use UIWebView, iCore has a link to UIWebView class (exactly this AppStore detects)