B4J Code Snippet Tool - Hide string constants from decompilation

Use this simple tool to "hide" string constants from decompilation.

Obviously nothing is immune to decompilation this is just a simple way to hide sensitive strings in your code.

Based on this code; https://github.com/shamanland/simple-string-obfuscator

The dialog in the app generates a randomish set of bytes as a sub that you can call.

NOTE: Remove or change the JavaCompilerPath setting in the project attributes.

So given below, instead of;

Sub SomeSub
  Dim MySecret as String = "Hello World"
End Sub

You can do this;

Sub SomeSub
  Dim MySecret as string = X 'This sub will return "Hello World"
End Sub

Private Sub X() as String
Dim b(12) as Byte
b(0) = Bit.ShiftRight(75505855,20)
b(1) = Bit.ShiftRight(25389,3)
b(2) = Bit.ShiftRight(223082,11)
b(3) = Bit.ShiftRight(3550668,15)
b(4) = Bit.ShiftRight(458321,12)
b(5) = Bit.ShiftRight(268466875,23)
b(6) = Bit.ShiftRight(10938,3)
b(7) = Bit.ShiftRight(58206654,19)
b(8) = Bit.ShiftRight(58848,9)
b(9) = Bit.ShiftRight(14167173,17)
b(10) = Bit.ShiftRight(6579261,16)
b(11) = Bit.ShiftRight(4353155,17)
return BytesToString(b, 0, 12, "UTF8")
End Sub



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