Tool [Tool] Make your own notification icon with an ASCII and/or a FontAwesome/Material Icons character

Hi all,

I wanted an easy way to create simple B4A notification icons consisting of a letter and a symbol; the symbol could then show things like 'there is a message' / 'there are no messages' / 'there is no network connection'. So I came up with MakeNotificationPng. Attached you'll find the B4J project as well as a small B4A app (TestNotificationPng) with which you can test the generated icons.

Usage - top left pane:
- Select a character in at least one of the ComboBoxes in the top left corner
- Use the TextField to filter the right hand side Combobox descriptions
- Use the RadioButtons to choose FontAwesome or Material Icons for the right hand side Combobox

In the top right pane:
- Select which character(s) to manipulate (the left one or the right, or both)
- Move the selected character(s) left/right/up/down by 1dip or 10dip
- Move either character by dragging it
- Flip the selected character(s) horizontally or vertically
- Rotate the selected character(s) 30 degrees at a time
- Use the ComboBox to change the left character's font
- Change the font size of the selected character(s)
- Use the CheckBoxes to set/unset Bold and Italic for the left character's font
- Use the yellow handles to crop the image (thank you Klaus :))
- Save the image as png (and make it read-only) in a B4A app's Objects\res\drawable folder, from where it can be used as a Notification icon

Files folder contents:
- listfa.txt: a copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\B4J\FontAwesomeList.txt
- listmi.txt: a copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\B4J\MaterialIcons.txt

Library dependencies:
- JavaObject, jCore, jFX, jGauges, jShell, jXUI: core libraries by Erel
- xResizeAndCrop: by Klaus -




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Thanks walt61, for this very good and helpful contribution to the community.