Wish Trobergs big wishlist, start and part 1: Policy


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I have over the time I've used B4A gathered a list of ideas, stuff and features, which I hope will be useful to improve my favorite tool. I've divided them into a few main areas:

1. Policy
2. Template projects
3. Help
4. Minor annoyances
5. Compile
6. Editor
7. Syntax/code
8. Views/controls
9. Designer scripts
10. Debugger

I've kept the list, as most of my notes, in a wiki, so some wiki formatting may remain. Also some things may have been mentioned earlier, if so, I apologize.

1. Policy

* Sync version numbers between B4A, B4J and B4i. It's easier to know what features to expect in a certain version that way. Not critical in any way, but neater.