B4J Code Snippet Turn on/off light connected to Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi

I have lights connected to Home Assistant via Wi-Fi and ZigBee.
Using the REST API in Home Assistant I can turn on/off lights and change other attributes such as brightness and RGB color.
Documentation about Home Assistant REST API:
See section POST /api/services/<domain>/<service>.

Example of POST request sent to Home Assistant to turn on a LED strip with RGBW colors:
POST http://192.168.0.xxx:8123/api/services/light/turn_on
{"entity_id": "light.xxxxxxxxxxxxx", "rgbw_color": [255, 0, 127, 0]}

Example of feedback received from Home Assistant:
[{"entity_id": "light.xxxxxxxxxxxxx", "state": "on", "attributes": {"effect_list": ["blue_fade", "blue_strobe", "colorjump", "colorloop", "colorstrobe", "cyan_fade", "cyan_strobe", "gb_cross_fade", "green_fade", "green_strobe", "purple_fade", "purple_strobe", "rb_cross_fade", "red_fade", "red_strobe", "rg_cross_fade", "white_fade", "white_strobe", "yellow_fade", "yellow_strobe", "random"], "supported_color_modes": ["rgbw"], "color_mode": "rgbw", "brightness": 128, "hs_color": [330.118, 100.0], "rgb_color": [255, 0, 127], "rgbw_color": [255, 0, 127, 0], "xy_color": [0.581, 0.245], "ip_address": "", "friendly_name": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", "supported_features": 36}, "last_changed": "2021-12-22T11:10:55.254677+00:00", "last_updated": "2021-12-22T11:10:55.254677+00:00", "context": {"id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "parent_id": null, "user_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}}]

You need following libraries in B4J:
- jOkHttpUtils2
- Json

Example of code in B4J:
Sub Process_Globals
    Private fx As JFX
    Private MainForm As Form
    Private xui As XUI
    ' Button view
    Dim btnLedBedroom As Button
    ' Local IP address of Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant
    Dim sIpHomeAssistant As String = "http://192.168.0.xxx"  ' <<< Type the IP address of your own RPi
    Dim sPortHomeAssistant As String = "8123"
    ' Token to get access to Home Assistant
    Dim sTokenHA As String = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"  ' <<< Type your own token, generated from your profile in Home Assistant
    ' Entities in Home Assistant
    Dim sEntityId_LedBedroom As String = "light.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"  ' <<< Type your own entity ID from Home Assistant
End Sub

' Action when clicking on button
Sub btnLedBedroom_Click
    Dim sEntityId As String = sEntityId_LedBedroom
    ' Turn on the light without additional parameters
    'SendPostRequestToHomeAssistant(sEntityId, "Light", "On", Null)  ' <<< Null as last parameter
    ' Turn on the light with additional parameters
    Dim mapParams As Map = CreateMap("rgbw_color": Array As Int(255, 0, 127, 0))
    'Dim mapParams As Map = CreateMap("brightness": 200)
    SendPostRequestToHomeAssistant(sEntityId, "Light", "On", mapParams)  ' <<< mapParams as last parameter
End Sub

' Parameters:
' - sEntityType: Light, Switch
' - sAction: Toggle, On, Off
' - mapParams: Optional map containing additional parameters, such as brightness, RGB color, light temperature (warm/cold white) etc.
'              Type Null if not used.
Sub SendPostRequestToHomeAssistant(sEntityId As String, sEntityType As String, sAction As String, mapParams As Map)
    Dim sApiEntityType As String
    If sEntityType.ToLowerCase = "light" Then
        sApiEntityType = "light"
    Else If sEntityType.ToLowerCase = "switch" Then
        sApiEntityType = "switch"
    End If
    Dim sApiAction As String
    If sAction.ToLowerCase = "toggle" Then
        sApiAction = "toggle"
    Else If sAction.ToLowerCase = "on" Then
        sApiAction = "turn_on"
    Else If sAction.ToLowerCase = "off" Then
        sApiAction = "turn_off"
    End If
    ' Create map and then JSON string with parameters
    Dim mapParamsPost As Map = CreateMap("entity_id": sEntityId)
    ' Compléter avec paramètres supplémentaires
    ' Complete the map with additional parameters, such as brightness, RGB color, light temperature (warm/cold white) etc.
    If mapParams.IsInitialized Then
        For Each key As String In mapParams.Keys
            mapParamsPost.Put(key, mapParams.Get(key))
    End If
    Dim jg As JSONGenerator
    Log("jg.ToString: " & jg.ToString)
    Log("jg.ToPrettyString(2): " & jg.ToPrettyString(2))
    Dim hj As HttpJob
    hj.Initialize("", Me)
    ' POST http://192.168.0.xxx:8123/api/services/light/turn_on
    ' {"entity_id": "light.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "rgbw_color": [255, 0, 127, 0]}
    hj.PostString(sIpHomeAssistant & ":" & sPortHomeAssistant & "/api/services/" & sApiEntityType & "/" & sApiAction, jg.ToString)
    hj.GetRequest.SetHeader("Authorization", "Bearer " & sTokenHA)
    ' Send POST request and wait for result
    Wait For (hj) JobDone(hj As HttpJob)
    If hj.Success Then
        Dim sResult As String = hj.GetString
        Log("hj.GetString: " & sResult)
        ' Extract state (on/off) from JSON string
        ' Remove "[" at the beginning and "]" at the end
        If sResult.Length > 2 And sResult.StartsWith("[") And sResult.EndsWith("]") Then
            sResult = sResult.SubString2(1, sResult.Length - 1)
                Dim jp As JSONParser
                Dim mapJson As Map = jp.NextObject
                Dim sState As String = mapJson.Get("state")
                Log("sState: " & sState)
                ' Change text on button
                btnLedBedroom.Text = IIf(sState = "on", "On", "Off")
                btnLedBedroom.TextColor = IIf(sState = "on", fx.Colors.RGB(0, 191, 0), fx.Colors.Black)
                Log("Error: Try JSONParser => LastException: " & LastException)
            End Try
        End If
        Log("Error: hj.Success ERROR")
        Log("Error: hj.ErrorMessage: " & hj.ErrorMessage)
    End If
End Sub
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