Share My Creation UBER style Transportation Platform

Hello everyone and happy new year!

First of all, thank the entire B4X team and the members of this beautiful forum

Most of this platform is working in the real world with more than 5000 downloads and active users in my country, that means it has been tested and works great.

Today we present
: UBER style Transportation Platform

The project is a beautiful UBER-style transportation platform to request vehicle services.

Passenger app:
  • The passenger app will be available on both iOS and Android
  • Handles a beautiful professional UX interface.
  • The B4XPages Framework was used
  • As you can see in the video, the style of the map is very professional and you will see that it occupies the entire screen.
  • The app is made up of: a Splash, Description in sliding panels, Login, User profile where you can edit your photo, Wallet, Share and earn and more...
Driver app:
  • In the driver app it is also for iOS and Android
  • We can register by uploading the documents and photos of both the vehicle and the driver that will later be verified by an administrator.
  • Beautiful interface
  • Has very good performance
Admin app:
  • In the administrator app it is to verify the registered drivers
  • In this desktop App (100% B4J) you can see the photos of the documents and drivers to be verified

Server B4J:

  • The B4J server will be connected to an SQLite database, it is also possible to receive the photos or documents uploaded by the driver.
  • Excellent performance!

Source code for sale for only: $182 Here PayPal or Here ePayco

: I am a very active member of this forum so I will be providing support and help.

Regards Johan
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what gateway it uses(or how ) to pay the driver from customer ?
also , the customer can track the driver on the map? or the administrator?