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Hello all,
I finally decided to try my hand at using B4J properly and not just for testing simple little routines for my B4A apps.

Here we have the smaller simpler desktop version of my published Android app. Just like the Android app, this solution allows you to set your account region settings for the streaming services supplied by Netflix, Amazon, Zattoo, TV3, Sony and Roku, thus allowing you to watch TV shows and Movies from one region to another with ease using the Unlocator API. Customers need to have a paid subscription service before they can start to switch and watch multiple regions.

If you don't have a static IP address at your home location, then just like the Android app this will update the Unlocator servers every x minutes chosen by yourself to make sure that Unlocator has your current IP address, thus your service will never be disrupted by changing IP addresses.

Running on my MacBook Pro OS X 10.10.1

Running on my Samsung Notebook Windows 8.1 Pro

If it was not for the fact that I'm using a Webview to display the service suppliers response message, this desktop app would also work on Linux too.

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Peter Simpson

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Hmm okay @Erel,
I'll try it again on my up to date Ubuntu/Debian dual boot server again, as it didn't work on Ubuntu yesterday. I didn't read the error in Ubuntu, I just presumed that it was the same arror as the baby Pi which was the Webview.

Thanks for the feedback, I must have missed something pretty obvious. Programming 18 hours a day for 7 weeks straight on a windows solution in VS2013 for a client can make you do silly things like that ;)