Android Question Unpacking zip destination folder problems

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    I have a Question

    In my script it unpacks a zipfile in to Android/data/com.semperpax.spm/files/.spmc

    But if that folder already excists then it creates a identical folder com.semperpax.spm/files/.spmc with all the content of my zipfile ?

    i use this code

    Sub dd_Complete(Job AsHttpJob)Log("Job completed: " & Job.Success)
    Dim o AsOutputStream
     o = 
    File.OpenOutput(File.dirrootExternal, "Download/"False)
    File.Copy2(Job.GetInputStream, o)
    File.DirRootExternal, "/Download/" , File.DirRootExternal & "/Android/data/com.semperpax.spm/files/.spmc/""arc")
    Sub btnCancel_Click
    "CancelDownload", link1)End Sub

    And it works it unzips the zip to the specified folder but this folder already excists (Spmc aka XBMC is installed and created that folder with content

    So what happends is after the unzip process i have to extact the same folders one witht he content of my zip and 1 of with the content of xbmc

    How can i resolve this that the zipfile is unpacked to the Original folder ?
  2. Ricardo Bunschoten

    Ricardo Bunschoten Member Licensed User

    nevermind i found the problem in my esfile explorer it shows com.semperpax.spm but it is com.semperpax.spmc Duuhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :)

    This one can be closed / removed