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    A recursive sub that copies a complete folder.

    Private Sub CopyFolder(Source As String, targetFolder As String)
    If File.Exists(targetFolder, "") = False Then File.MakeDir(targetFolder, "")
    For Each f As String In File.ListFiles(Source)
    If File.IsDirectory(Source, f) Then
    File.Combine(Source, f), File.Combine(targetFolder, f))
    End If
    File.Copy(Source, f, targetFolder, f)
    End Sub
    Note that it will not work with the assets folder. You can instead create a zip file and unpack it with the Archiver library.

    Recursively delete a folder and its sub folders:
    Sub DeleteFolder (folder As String)
    For Each f As String In File.ListFiles(folder)
    If File.IsDirectory(folder, f) Then
    File.Combine(folder, f))
    End If
    File.Delete(folder, f)
    End Sub

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