Other Update version of B4A?


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Hello! Good night everybody.. My paid version of the B4A is at 8.30. Newer versions are now available. How do I upgrade? Is my lynch is valid for updates or do I have to buy the new version of B4A again?


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If you are eligible you should have received an email with a link to upgrade. If your time period is up then you will have to contact support. I received my email notice March 26th.


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Thanks for the answer. I also received the email ... in this case so I just unseal version 8.30 and install version 9.0 Beta?


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I believe if you received an email with link for the Beta version (19th March) , an email for the official v9.0 release should have followed (26th March).
unless your license expired between those dates .. :( (unsure how it goes)

As suggested above it would be better to contact support@basic4ppc.com

You can just install the new version over the old version location(no need to uninstall) or install to a separate location.

ps .. if you wanted to install the Beta version immediately ... I would Install to a separate location temporarily while you await response from Support.


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My paid version of the B4A is at 8.30
Did you pay for the Basic Version or did you pay for the Enterprise Version?

Depending on what you buy you´ll get 2 MONTHS or 2 YEARS of Updates.

Basic (2 Months): You should have got an email with an Update offer.
Enterprise (2 Years): You should have got an email with a Downloadlink for the Update.

Anyway: the correct way is to contact support@basic4ppc.com as suggested by @Eme Fibonacci and @mangojack