Wish USB Host Shield Library 2.0

Eme Fibonacci

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To Expand Arduino's communication with the outside world using the Arduino USB Host Shield, a board to which you can connect keyboards, mouse, joysticks, cell phones and virtually any USB device


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I've an important project where ESP8266/ESP32 communicate via Mini USB Host Shield 2.0 with a 3D printer and I cannot use B4R, there is no library to use it.

I have no acknowledge to create a wrapper.

I will continue to use C++ or someone interested to port this library to B4R ?

Note that this library really expand a lot communication with outside world as @Eme Fibonacci says, I've tried it with a lot of external usb devices:

- USB Keyboard and Mouse
- BT Keyboad and Mouse
- Playstation 3-4-5 USB and BT controllers
- Kinet
- 3D Printer
- CNC machine
- USB Stick and USB external disks as MassStorage

Virtually can communicate with any USB device, support major USB-Serial converters, FTDI, PLxx, CPxx, CH34x, Arduino CDC and more...

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