B4J Question using external lib in B4Xlib


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I added librar names in "mainfest.txt" like under below

B4J.DependsOn=jXUI, jDateUtils, jFx,JHTTP
B4A.DependsOn=XUI, DateUtils
B4i.DependsOn=iXUI, iDateUtils

But How can i add manifest.txt when i use external private library (for ex:
I have this library file, but it doesn't exist in other users. How do we add this to the project?
How can we combine?


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Not sure that I understand. Do you want to add a reference to jB4XEncryption? Add it to the B4J.DependsOn line.

sorry my bad language.
I'll tell you more clearly


jB4XEncryption (For examply only this lib) is not inculed standart ide.
I external added it.(jB4XEncryption)
Therefore I has it in library tab.

But other user or standart user has standart lib in IDE lib tab.

Finally my IDE has jB4XEncryption, other users has not jB4XEncryption.

stage 2.

I created new lib Jtayfur.
and Jtayfur using:
JFx,Jxui and jB4XEncryption

and I write manifest.txt file and I create zip file and converted b4xlib (name is Jtayfur)

I release Jtayfur.
And Other user get Jtayfur in external lib. Everything is ok. But they has not "jB4XEncryption" file.

This is problem in my brain.
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1. jB4XEncryption is an internal library. It will be available to all developers.
This is example only, My example change Jxxx.lib.... its only example.
name is not very important,this randomly get a library file name.

2. The IDE will show an error message with the names of the missing libraries in case some are missing.
Don't worry about it.

But my own library dont works :) it worries me.
I would not give the end user a long list of external libraries with links.
Do you have any solution?
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There is no automatic solution. You will need to write the list of non-included and required libraries. This is not special to b4x libs.

can i add "Jxxx" in "files" folder. thus; I add ext lib in my lib.
After can we use it with like "#AdditionalJar=Jxxx" ...???
This is only idea
Maybe next version :)
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