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I'm developing an App that stores data in different objects, each having properties that can be set by the user. I'd like to display object properties (for the user to edit) using Custom items in a TableView, where each row represents a different property of an object and the TableView is used to present and manage updates to the properties of a single object instance. The UI is quite similar to a settings page.

For example, imagine a Person object with properties like Name, Age, Gender etc. The TableView would show the Person properties using three rows where each row has the title of the property (Name, Age, Gender) and the value (Steve, 52, Male). Some properties can be edited directly in the Custom item (Name and Age are shown in a TextField) while others would lead to a detail page (Gender would lead to a page showing Male and Female).

I've attached a small concept project showing all of this in action. It also shows how I'm handling the events coming from the input controls, mapping specific view events to the property being shown in the relevant TableView row.

I'm having difficulties with the TextView controls - one setup to accept any text (for the name), the other setup to accept only numbers (for the Age).

Issue #1. If the user is editing the name but clicks somewhere else, I'd like the keyboard to hide. I'm using Page1.ReleaseFocus, but it doesn't seem to be hiding the keyboard?

Issue #2: It's really hard to click the age TextView. Maybe it's just my iPhone but it takes 2-3 presses to hit the right spot. Is there a way to start edit mode when the user clicks the row?

Issue #3: The numeric keypad has no "Done" button, so I've added one using inputAccessoryView, but the Page1.ReleaseFocus call inthe button click event isn't hiding the keyboard. Am I doing something wrong?



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