iOS Tutorial VideoPlayer - Replaces VideoView

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iUI8 library v1.50 includes a new VideoPlayer view. It replaces VideoView from iMedia library.

Apple has deprecated the API that VideoView was based on. VideoPlayer is based on the newer AVPlayerViewController.

It is implemented as a custom view. Using it is simple.

1. Add a reference to iUI8.
2. Set #MinVersion: 8
3. Add VideoPlayer with the designer.
4. Load a video.
5. Wait for the Ready event.
6. Optionally call Play to start playing automatically.

Private Sub Application_Start (Nav As NavigationController)
   NavControl = Nav
   VideoPlayer1.LoadVideo(File.DirAssets, "big_buck_bunny.mp4")
   Wait For VideoPlayer1_Ready (Success As Boolean)
   If Success Then
     VideoPlayer1.Play 'to start playing automatically
   End If
End Sub

Replace link in the attached example with:


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Christian García S.

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Hello, thanks for the library.

I tested with B4i 5.00 and iUI8 and works fine, but I don't have sound, I do not know if this only happens with debug mode or also when I will publish the APP. I am using hosted builder and Iphone 6S plus.

I tested with my own video and with bunny and both doesn't have sound.

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