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This application is a recreation of an Excel-VBA project I developed many years ago, prior to discovering Anywhere Software. If you're curious as to the original use, please reference this link:

In a nutshell, the application allows creation of the visual segments as generated by the Red, Green and Blue LED lights used in Mindplace's Procyon AVS (Audio Visual Synthesizer). I originally created it using Excel-VBA, because VB6 and VBA were already familiar to me, having used them in my IT career for many years. Excel offered the advantage at the time of handling much of the graphing leg work for me.

For a while, I have wanted to convert the project to a freestanding application. Thanks to B4J as well as the fine xChart library (thanks @klaus ), development time for the conversion was cut to days from literally months for the original project using Excel-VBA.

Please, let me know if you experience any issues, as this is a first version. Please, note that I only included sine waves. I personally feel that the triangle and square waves simulations were "choppy" and thus not representative of how a person would perceive the resultant color gradients.

Finally, I will be using this project as the template for my latest B4J training video (stay tuned). I will go over not just the project itself, but also how I derived the formulas used in the waveform generations.


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