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Hi all,

I am developing a new lib consisting only by a service, so any "public" sub needed by the calling app to interact with the service goes under CallSubDelayed functions.
Everything works fine but I read those "warning #25" messages in the Logs tab when compiling and although I know how to turn 'em off I'd like to now more about the causes.

BTW, defining any to-be called sub as "Public Sub" or simply "Sub" makes no difference both regarding the warning and the availability to CallSubDelayed.

TIA for any info.



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Sure Erel, no problem.

Two subs in the service
'Set service verbosity
Sub SetVerbose(Verbose As Boolean)
sVerbose = Verbose
End Sub

'Set credentials to access protected folder on webserver
Public Sub SetCredentials(Username As String, Password As String)
sUserName = Username
sUpassword = Password
End Sub

an how they're called from main
If FirstTime Then

The Logs tab shows:
Sub 'SetVerbose' not found. (warning #25)
Sub 'SetCredentials' not found. (warning #25)
and so on for any service sub called from main.

Again, when running the app those subs are called without problems and they behave as expected so I suspect something in a symbol table at compiling time or anything related, don't know.


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Thanks Erel.
Can you confirm that CallSubDelayed is supposed to call any sub from a different module, irrespective of its Public definition (meaning that "Sub xyz" should be callable as its alternative "Public Sub xyz")?