iOS Question We are unable to create an authentication session.,=Unable to validate your application.


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I see many similar topics and read them all but I still cant make it work. I created a new version in itunes conenct, created an app specific password (not sahred secret) and tried this with regenerating them for a couple of times. When I try to upload the build I get this error message. I also tried to create a new bundle with incrementing the verison but it is not working. Any idea =?

Error: 2020-06-09 11:01:02.086 altool[12667:51738136] *** Error: Errors uploading 'result.ipa': (
"Error Domain=ITunesSoftwareServiceErrorDomain Code=-22014 \"We are unable to create an authentication session.\" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=We are unable to create an authentication session., NSLocalizedFailureReason=Unable to validate your application.}"