Android Question Weird thing happening when keyboard opens


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Galaxy S7 in landscape mode only:
This screen:

When I touch the Blue EditText it looks like this:

Doesn't do this on any other device. I am assuming it is because on this small device it is trying to push the box up into the title. Note that I have set this edit text in password mode but it is turned off here but when I just touch the view it not only completely does a number on the control but converts it to password mode.

I am running the following code to get the desired Keyboard format but I tried remming it and it made no difference.

        IME.SetLengthFilter(ValueTxt, 21)
        ValueTxt.InputType = Bit.Or(128, Bit.Or(ValueTxt.InputType, 524288)) 'VARIATION_PASSWORD, NO_SUGGESTION
        ValueTxt.PasswordMode = False
        IME.SetLengthFilter(ValueTxt, 21)

On a Nexus 7 it looks like this - as it should:
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I have no idea what it does but it did the trick!
Thank you!

added in API level 3
Flag of imeOptions: used to specify that the IME does not need to show its extracted text UI. For input methods that may be fullscreen, often when in landscape mode, this allows them to be smaller and let part of the application be shown behind, through transparent UI parts in the fullscreen IME. The part of the UI visible to the user may not be responsive to touch because the IME will receive touch events, which may confuse the user; use IME_FLAG_NO_FULLSCREEN instead for a better experience. Using this flag is discouraged and it may become deprecated in the future. Its meaning is unclear in some situations and it may not work appropriately on older versions of the platform.
Constant Value: 268435456 (0x10000000)
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