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Discussion in 'Teaching Programming with B4X' started by Erel, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Many educational organizations are already using B4A as part of their syllabus.
    B4A is mainly used for teaching programming and for research and laboratory projects.

    B4J can also be a good tool for teaching programming:
    - It is relatively simple to start programming with B4J.
    - The IDE is easy to install and configure.
    - It can do cool things like Raspberry Pi applications and web server applications.
    - It is 100% free.

    The purpose of this forum is to help anyone who considers teaching programming with B4X tools.

    This is the place to share any relevant material, discuss the possibilities and share your experience.
    It is intended for all level of teachers and students. Whether you are working as a lecturer in a University or a parent who wishes to teach his kids computer programming.
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Thread Status:
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