What brought you to B4x?

When I saw a statistic about programming languages today, I asked myself why I am still with B4X for so many years.

Since my first steps on a CBM 8032, first as a hobbyist, later professionally, I always had to deal with languages that didn't need semicolons and curly braces.
Over the decades, there were always enough media communities to help one to successfully serve the interests of the superiors.

Of course, one was always ridiculed by the object-oriented gurus because of the lack of polymorphism in the BASIC environments. But I think those people were just proud to be able to read and design the non-intuitive structures.

One day, when circumstances required to create solutions for mobile devices, the choice became narrower and narrower.
I was looking for a system that would allow me to create useful applications with little effort in creation and maintenance, without leaving the easy-to-understand and comprehensible BASIC world.

When I came across B4A, I couldn't really believe it at first. Understandable concept - short learning curve - a cozy community that is able to communicate respectfully.

The possibility to bring the first application to the mobile world with only little effort had impressed me deeply.

So I ended up here by accident years ago due to the pressure of having to turn to mobile systems, and have never felt the need to look for alternatives since.

How did you find your way to B4x? Coercion? By accident? Recommendation? Desperation?

By the way, Here are a few necessary hints on how things work in the world of the curly gurus: https://www.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/
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Peter Simpson

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@Alexander Stolte and the ignored member on my list (whoever you are). Please stop as this discussion is really not helpful or relevant to this particular post, that is what the Wishlist and Chit Chat parts of the forum are for. But saying that, I do agree with Alexander. Just start a new post in Wishlist or Chit Chat, then we can all join in ;)


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The ease and speed of developing an application, and the ability to design whatever you can think of. This is what I like best about B4X.
It allows me to design stunning UI without spending a lot of time, while at the same time focusing on the structure of the application.


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I just found this thread....
Oh boy!!...
Over 15 years now, I think...

I was working as a subcontractor for the local CableTv operator, and I expertise in internet over câble. I had bought myself an HP pocket PC with its external sleeve that allowed pcmcia card to plug in.
I started looking for a way to create some sort of "management" software to get a grip on my daily tasks and ease the monthly report creation... tried a few different environments, can't really remember which...
Then I found it... weird... "basic4ppc"... what a #$@!#??? Took a closer look, two or three weeks later I bought a license... and been here ever since...
Why?... there's no place like home.


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I like to research for programming topic. My long time favorite IDE is VB6. I finished my thesis and started my first job using it. I also interested on Linux and try to get into VB6 alternative for Linux. I found Gambas but then it is not ready for serious use. Then I found Xojo, not quite also. Finally I found Basic4Android. And now I use B4A, B4i and B4J. I hope 1 day I can try B4R. Honestly, I feel missed VB6.


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I got an offer of 40% or less for B4A, in a subscription mail.

I was already earning from my various desktop applications from 16 bits to 64 bits, but was thinking of making some Android apps. I went for the discount and found this Forum and the lovely members.

Oh boy ! and I have been paying for upgrades every time for B4A till it became free, in spite of not making a single app, but to remain with my friends here.

I do not know if ever I will get enough time to make something in B4X, but rest assure I will be here till all mighty calls me to make app from HIM :)