Games Who is working on Games right now?


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As you know I have released games. But my children greatly cut into my spare time. So by the time they get to bed at 8pm there's not much time left in the day to get the house chores done, and then the 2 year old wakes up at 5.30am.
So that's it for now. I wish I had more time, I'd love to polish up my existing games and add more features, then work on re-writing some more arcade classics but I don't have the time, (or at least I can't live on 4 hours sleep a night).
If the mobile games market still exists in it's current form in a few years then I can myself getting back into it. I guess retro gaming will never really change so I should be okay.

I do still make some income from my games, but this has dropped by more than 50% in the last year as I've not been updating my games, so downloads are steadily dropping.


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yeah i know what you mean andy. i think most guys here face the same issue. lake of time duo family or/and work. you really should consider updating your games at least the Admob part with the new admob sdk. you know google is always updating their sdk and maybe they are pushing apps with latest sdk with the best paying ad's. this is why i always try to update my apps with the latest admob sdk since i use only admob in my apps.

in the last 4 days i worked about 4-6 hours each day only on a single ios app and i have 4 kids so that means working until 2am and getting up at 5:35am. you can imagine how much coffee is involved in my life in the last 4 days 😁

i would like to try to make a racing game. top view like the old games.


i could use libgdx + Steering behaviors. i did long time ago a simple game with those libs but i want to do something much more fancy.

what do you think? have you tried making such a game?
another option would be a fighting game like Double Dragon.
i love such games.


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I'm not developing any games at the moment - I did like the idea of a driving game, but I've got a lot of 'proper' work at the moment which pays more than Apps and games!

I am tempted to go back to it all though... Needs another go at it all