Games Who wants a video series on using LibGDX with B4A?


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I've written nine games using B4A+LibGDX, they cover genres including, 2D overhead 360 degree space shooter, space invaders games with on screen buttons, vertical scrolling space shooter with drag controls, fruit popping match 3 type game, tetris game with swipe controls, 2D simple shape graphics block stacking game and a coin flicking game involving a piggy bank.

I'm thinking of producing a series of Youtube videos explaining how I wrote each feature of these games, so topics would be:

Basics of LibGDX loop
on screen buttons
drawing sprites on screen
drawing transparent sprites
handling touches on screen and multiple fingers
handling swipes for controls
parallax scrolling
sound + music

Who'd be interested in watching these? I have one day a week I can use to work on these, so there would be one, maybe two videos a week.

To see my previous videos, check out my channel here: