Android Question Why different menu colors on different devices


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The same app running on 3 different devices shows different menu colors on one particular device.
The menu background is the same (the default, dark grey I assume) but the text is black instead of white.
I have multiple apps using basically the same general settings and that's the only one that does it and it does it only on that phone.
The problem phone is a Moto-X 4 running Android 9.
The no-problem phones are a Pixel 2 XL (Android 9) and a Moto-X 2 (Android 5.1). I also have several tablets with Android 5 to 7 that do not show the problem.
It is a big app and as I just said, the other (smaller) apps do not show the problem so before I start pruning stuff out of it to localize the problem, I would appreciate some general ideas of where to look.

The app uses the Holo theme (I know it's old, but I like the ease with which I can put a logo on the top bar). All my apps use that theme.

I should also point out that the app used to work fine on this phone until a few months ago when I started using the Pixel, so I am not sure exactly what happened in the mean time (OS security updates and very few changes to the app, nothing to do with views for sure)

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.



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I was massively confused by some colour issues a month ago, eventually discovered that another month prior to that, Einstein here had changed an accessibility setting to demonstrate that screen colour vs screenshot colour was not a guaranteed match... and forgot to change the setting back.

Anyway, perhaps check the accessibility settings, and I guess the display settings too.

Another useful tack might be: do a screen capture, and then look at that screen capture on a different screen (eg, upload from Picture folder via B4A-Bridge FTP to your development computer).


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OK, I know I have played with the dark theme but that was on the Pixel, the Moto-X 4 is pretty much stock (I like the Moto-X 4 a lot but I had it for only 4 months when I found the Pixel 2 XL for $240 at Woot, unlocked so that was hard to pass)
I just checked accessibility settings but it looks stock.
I will try the print screen as you suggested.

I am having a lot of fun with the new Android restrictions and it's interesting that even though the app works fine on most everything I have (except for the menu color as noted), I had a bunch of permissions issues running it on a Lenovo tablet with Android 6.0.1, then after I fixed that, more permission issues (email attachment) cropped on both Android 9 phones even though that worked a couple of days ago. Life in the fast lane I guess...