Android Question Widget icons not showing without reboot - Android 5.x

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Peter Simpson, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Hello All,
    Whilst updating my widgets I noticed that on my N5 running Android 5.1 I need to reboot the device before the widget icons appears in the widget list, this never used to previously happen with my N5 running Android 4.4.x KitKat.

    Does anybody have any good suggestion on how I can stop this happening in Android 5.x Lollipop?

    Hmm I've just found these links:

    Lots of questions, but no answers as yet. The problem appears to be Googles stock launcher :(

    Please note:
    If I run the same install on my S4 running Android 4.4.x the widget icons appear in the widget list instantly, no reboot needed.

    Last edited: Apr 9, 2015
  2. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Anybody, heeeeeeeeeelp?
    I suppose I could always limit the the SDK until these's a viable solution.

    I can see Android 5.x users installing my widgets from the Play Store and leaving 1 star feedback saying that they can't see the widget in the widgets list blah blah blah. Okay a reboot after the installation then shows the widget but that's defeating the object and this is Android and not Windows that we are talking about here ;)
  3. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    Try changing the target SDK in you manifest to the one shown below:
  4. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Hey, why 13 specifically @NJDude?
    Everything is themes on corwin42 AppCompat library :D

    I just find it really strange, I really hope that Google can get this sorted quickly.
  5. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    Well, 13 because I had issues with widgets on some devices, not sure if it's an Android issue or a B4A issue, the solution to make the widget show up was to enter 13, I got that by trial and error.
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