1. Brian Michael

    B4J Code Snippet Search in a List

    Hello, here I come to you with a simple way to search for a word in a list of words. It is a very simple but very useful function. It is declared as ResumableSub so you can use Wait For and wait for it to finish searching to get the results. Example: Dim Fruits as List = Array as...
  2. Sepehr_b

    Android Question Search bar on B4XPage title bar

    Hi, I have a CustomListView populated from database on a B4XPage. the title bar is on. I need to Places Search Icon on the title bar and ask the search text after the user clicks on it on the title bar, like many application that has search icon and show the relevant item in CLV. is there any...
  3. R

    Android Question B4XTable search for empty values(SOLVED)

    Just experimenting with the B4XTable. I added some extra options to search column values along these lines: For Each col As B4XTableColumn In VisibleColumns If col.Searchable Then For n = 0 To arrCheckConditions(c) - 1 strFind =...
  4. M

    Android Question Spinner searching

    Hi I want to put a spinner inside my activity so that when the user touches the spinner, he can prioritize typing and searching among the options available in the spinner.
  5. cjpryor

    B4J Question jElasticSearch Authentication

    Forgive me if I missed this but I did try to find it in the forums. I would like to develop an application using jElasticSearch ( but I cannot figure out how to provide login credentials to the...
  6. epiCode

    Android Question B4XTable Exclude Column from Search

    Is it possible to exclude a specific "text field" column from B4XTable Search?
  7. Mrphone

    Android Question Search the list

    Hello everyone :D I have a text (.txt) file that I will convert to a list using the following command 👇 Dim data as list data.Initialize data = File.ReadList(File.DirAssets,"Number.txt") How can I search in this list ??! And put the result back on the list
  8. Yafuhenk

    B4J Question SOLVED B4XTable How to get the sum of all selected (searched) values in a column

    In the meantime I learnt that you can get the sum of a column in the B4XTable with Dim total As Double = B4XTable1.sql1.ExecQuerySingleResult($"SELECT sum(${Column.SQLID}) FROM data"$) But what if the user searched for a certain text. Do I have to work with the WHERE statement in the query or is...
  9. C

    B4X Forums search engine for IE/Chrome/FF

    Hi all, I created an OpenSearch plug-in for IE/Firefox/Chrome that enables you to search the all of the B4X forums directly, rather than you having to enter the forums first to search (okay, call me lazy!) This means that you can search from your browser's address bar using a keyword that you...
  10. Sandman

    Wish: Ability to limit search results to bookmarked posts

    It's fairly common for me to see a post containing some nugget making me think "oh, that's clever, better make a bookmark of it so I can use it in the future!". Over time I have accumulated a huge amount of such nuggets, which I'm very glad for. However, it turns out that it's surprisingly...
  11. M

    Bug? Search in B4A

    Why if I click the Search Tab it appears blank?

    Android Question findAll in webview

    Hello! Attached is a simple project that load a webpage in a webview and using the findAll RunMethod2 search and highlight all words searched. It's ok! Why Log(FindAll(WebView1, word)) always return 0? I need count the number of occurrences the word found.. How I can do this? What is wrong in...
  13. D

    Wish IDE : search and replace options

    I am a frequent, but not constant, b4a user. The product and the community are excellent. Most of the time, I'm developing in other languages/platforms and IDEs. When I jump in to b4a, I find the search and replace behaviors to be non-standard and therefore a bit inconvenient. Erel, I...
  14. MarkusR

    Share My Creation Projects Librarys List / Search

    hi, i made a b4j (b4x) tool, it searching for all projects files and get the library information of it. then you can search by name and sort the first column.
  15. fredo

    Wish Quick search option "Skip comment lines"

    The many navigation possibilities in the IDE are really effective even in large projects (30 modules, up to 50k lines each). However, over the years code changes are necessary and we leave the original version of the edited lines as a commented line for documentation purposes (this is helpful...