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Discussion in 'Game Development' started by ilan, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. ilan

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    Rapid Cube

    i am planning to add about 100 levels. i will use iTiled to make it easier and also iAtlas (if needed).

    the game mechanic is very simple. you are a rect that needs to get from one side of the screen to the other side by avoiding all obstacles. if you touch one you explode!

    there is a lot work to do i have started only today and that's what i have already managed to do.
    although there is a little issue that i hope @JanPRO will solve. iSpritekit does not support multitouch and i would like to have multitouch where i can hit the run button and also the jump button simultaneously.

    Spritekit support that features unfortunately iSpritkit not. it should not be too hard to add it (i guess) so i will keep working on it and hope iSpritekit will get updated soon :)

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    That looks great ilan!!
  3. ilan

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    Thank you :)

    I am making great progress, i will publish soon a new video. I am creating new libs for ispritekit to use it like i did with libgdx and box2d. I really enjoy working with ispritekit. Its awesome and simple.
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    So will that make it easier for you to port from iOS to Android ?
  5. ilan

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    No it will not. Spritekit logic is different then libgdx. If i will port it to android i will need to create everything from 0 although some modules may be useable and also tiled files for the levels. Only what is code related needs to be redone for android.

    But it is not a very complex game so making it for android using libgdx and box2d should take about 10-14 days (working nights only)

    And i am talking about 50-60 levels for the beginning and more can follow in the future. (This include menu screen, level screen, game screen, hiscore table,.. so a full game)

    I am planning to make it a puzzle and arcade game so u will also need to solve puzzle to get from left side of the screen to the right side. Like one level will give a hint (as a text) like "to bright in here" and u will need to low your screen brightness to make hidden obstacles visible. This is just 1 example. Another is you will have a level that is impossible to complete and only if u will rotate your phone you will change gravity and u will go on the roof and pass the level like this. I still need to think of the hint text for that level :confused:

    It will be a fun time killer but i already see that it will be waste of time for increasing income for my apps.

    I like to make games but they just dont earn me anything.

    Space defender - ultimate was done really well in my opinion but it is getting maybe 1 install per week :(:(:(

    If i would not enjoy making games i would not do it.
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