Wish wrapper chaquopy - python for android

Hello all,

Some months ago I discovered a very powerfull Python SDK for android called chaquopy.

That SDK allow runs in android python packages like : TensorFlow, OpenCV, SciPy, Numpy, Matplotlib and much more. I tried with android studio and works like a charm.

Now the project is opensource and after version 8.0.0 the Chaquopy plugin can also be used in an Android library module (AAR).

I trying to create a wrapper for this project, someone that has more experience could point in right direction ?

Have you seen this?

Thread 'NinjaPython - Use Python Scripts in B4A' https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/ninjapython-use-python-scripts-in-b4a.85220/
Hello Star-Dust,

Yes, I bought this library sometime ago, but this lib doesnt work with complex package like numpy, tensorflow, OpenCV.

It would be a great advance to have this lib in b4a because chaquopy allows the execution of a multitude of ready-made python codes like machine learn, advanced calculations, etc



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It actually lacks some things.