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We are one of the many developers interested in implementing all the Huawei libraries to our B4A apps.

Earlier this year, Huawei announced a partnership with the 150 top developers to bring their apps onto the Huawei app gallery. Since HAG is comparatively very less saturated and less strict than Google Play Store, we have been working with Huawei to port our apps to Huawei's HSM devices.

We have been able to successfully port all of our native and Flutter apps without issues, making them compatible with HMS devices. Although with B4A, we've not been able to make the same progress. Our top apps are done in B4A, and so it is very essential for us to integrate the Huawei libraries into our B4A apps.

Thanks to the very helpful team at Huawei, they were able to provide the wrapper for push kit.
Unfortunately, their team can only do so much. We do not have the expertise to wrap these libraries, for which need this community's support. Previously, we made a post about the same, although things were vague.

The entire list of all the libraries Huawei offers is huge, but we need support/wrappers for only the following:
  1. Account Kit:
  2. TTS: (Beta)
  3. ASR: (Beta)
  4. Ads Kit:

For anyone who is not sure is the integration is worth it, the functioning and integration of services like analytics, text to speech, voice recognition, Firestone, authentication, is similar to Firebase solutions and Google Play Console. Hoping after we have wrappers for B4A, this process becomes even easier.

Would like to know, how much developmental cost will be needed to wrap the above libraries? Would really like to get this done. Please let us know if anyone's up for it.
If the ballpark for the last 3 cannot be done, we'd like to at least start with the Account kit integration.