B4J Question Write to file on macOS catalina throws permission denied

David Meier

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I am trying to offer a B4J program on macOS catalina. I packed the program in a .pkg installer.
When installing the program with the pkg installer, the program has no more writing permission and fails to work in my case. The files are written into File.DirApp.
Does anybody know who to deal with this?

kind regards

PS: I did use
- the b4jPackager11 with open java 14
- Platypus to create an .app file
- signing and notarizing of the app

David Meier

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I have the error message. In my opinion this issue has to do with Apple's new rules, which demand signing and notarizing of macOS apps when offering them through an internet download (or apple store). I do now save the applications's preference file here:
folder = GetSystemProperty("user.home", "") & "/Documents/"
This works. But I consider this as a workaround.

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