Other Xcode 11 - Where is the Application Loader ?


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Just been rebuilding my iMac (OS update to Mohave) so I can install new Xcode so that the Application Loader will upload my new App to iTunes Connect.

but, as OS is now Mohave, the default on App Store is now Xcode 11.

I then found that the "Application Loader" is no longer available for download from iTunes Connect.

Googling suggested it was part of the development tools included with Xcode 10. But today we have Xcode 11 and it seems it is no longer included.

Does anyone know where the Application Loader is in Xcode 11, or the new process of uploading an IPA file to iTunes Connect?

For now I am going back to Xcode 10.3 and hope this will work for me, but as Apple constantly force us forward with updates, it is going to become a problem for all.