B4J Question xCustomListView is Wrapping Text when "Wrap Text" is unchecked


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Using the Designer, I've added an xCustomListView to my window. I've left the "Wrap Text" checkbox unchecked. However, the xCustomListView still wraps the text (see screenshot below).

I'm using clv_Messages.InsertAtTextItem( ... ) to insert the items.

There also does not seem to be a way to toggle the "Wrap Text" setting in code, and I couldn't find any threads discussing this functionality or my issue.

How do I keep the text from wrapping in an xCustomListView?

The image below shows a regular ListView above the xCustomListView at the bottom.



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I've left the "Wrap Text" checkbox unchecked.
Are you using the latest xCustomListView lib (1.72) ? The current xCLV only shows a "Single Line" property.

Anyway , try this ... (requires Refection lib)
Dim p As B4XView = clv_Messages.GetPanel(index)
Dim r As Reflector
R.Target = p.GetView(0)
R.RunMethod2("setSingleLine", True, "java.lang.boolean")


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As you can see, I'm trying to build a log output. I've gone from a ListView to xCustomListView, but I might should use a B4XTable.

Any opinions on this matter?

Here's what it looks like at the moment:


Obviously, I'll pretty that up, but if anybody has suggestions! I always create a logging system for any language I start using. Is there one already built for B4X?

Ooh! Found this ([B4X] Log Server by @stevel05 )! Maybe that'll do! :)

And this.
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