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I'm writing an app where the user needs to select an image from a folder by tapping on a thumbnail copy of the image.
There could be hundreds of jpg/png images in the folder.

xCustomlistview seems the best way to go. What I've done is substituted the 4 jpeg files in the Assets folder (Erel's example) with files in the images folder by using Listfiles to load the bitmaps list.

The list contains 152 jpg ffiles and 170 png files (total 322). Max sizes are approx 700 kb for jpg and 80kb for png.
The example works fine until it gets to "Item 300" and then the program crashes. It works fine with only 30 image files.

Is xCustomListview the best solution or should I look elsewhere? I've tried Media browser, but the images list takes too long to appear.
I'm using a Samsung Tab4 with Android version 5.1.1.

If anyone would take a look at the example code below and advise where I might be going wrong, I'd be very grateful.



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Thanks John

The example uses Loadbitmapresize which I thought would load a smaller version of the image.
I also thought that using xCustomlistview meant that images are only loaded as needed and the number/size of images was irrelevant.
Looks like I'll have to find an alternative to xCustomlistview.