B4J Tutorial [XLUtils] Creating Tables


Tabular data can be converted to a Table object. Excel provides all kinds of nice features related to tables: https://www.bluepecantraining.com/portfolio/convert-data-to-an-excel-table/
Tables are supported in XLSX (2007+) workbooks.

Creating a table is a matter of calling XLSheetWriter.CreateTable with the defined range, name and style.

You can see the various styles in Excel:


= "TableStyleMedium3"

It is also possible to load templates with tables and get the tables with Sheet.GetTables. You can create a template with a table, fill data and update the table area with Table.CellReferences.


- Apache POI support for tables is quite basic.
- Tables ranges are not really dynamic. You cannot use tables as an alternative to dynamic named ranges. You can use both features together.
- Requires XLUtils v1.11+


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