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Hi all,
you may recall a previous thread of mine about a POS system used at the Cornaredo Stadium in Lugano, home of the FC Lugano, a football club partecipating SFL's Super League and UEFA Champions League. It was a B4J-based Windows-only solution to manage 16 POS cash registers at the stadium.

Well, thanks to the great B4X language, the B4xPages paradigm and @NeverGiveUp2 's SumUp lib, in almost no time I achieved its porting to Android!

It took me less than one day for the porting (B4J classic to B4XPages), then another day to adapt the UI and clean-up some code.
Integrating SumUp payment system was a bit harder since I started "shooting in the dark" not having an account with them nor an Air POS device. But thanks to the patience and support of @NeverGiveUp2 and @MarcoRome I quickly learned my way through it and in two more days I had everything working.

Last Saturday (August 28th) and Sunday the system was successfully used on five distinct places at the StraLugano 2021 City Run.

Ok, now I have to work on the dashboard for the manager and add here and there some more functionalities. But starting from something that proved functional at its very first test gives me enough confidence and stimulus to seat at the drawing board again.

B4X, the way to makes things happen.


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Lugano Bike Emotions - September 25/26th
Just a photo and a link for a different event where the YAPS system was recently used.
Managing hundreds of transactions and working 10:00-24:00 was another hard challenge, more for the staff than for the software :)
What makes me happy is that operators who never saw the sw before were fully operational in no time (not so surprisingly since POS sw looks very similar one from the other, but seeing them comfortable since the first second was a real pleasure).

In May they'll be 4 full days and probably more POSes than ever.


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