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I do!
I have 2.25k subscribers.
It's mostly videos on game development, covering B4A, and Blitz3D.
I've ran it for 12 years.
My most popular video is my Space Invaders clone gameplay video (94k views), followed by Basic4Android tutorial part 1 (87k views)
Granted, I'd have a lot more subscribers if I made more videos.



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But I have MyTube - it has one subscriber (thank goodness) and many personalities.

Sorry... @LucaMs is rubbing off on me.


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I pulled b4a basic level of educational videos to expand in Turkey.
The video on how to make an iOS application in 5 minutes will be coming soon. We are overestimating software development for iOS, but thanks to B4i it is very simple.
The number of views is increasing day by day!
I had 100 subscribers before posting B4A videos. After I started publishing I increased to 218 subscribers. I hesitated to shoot videos due to my workload and my computer. I'll be starting again soon.