Android Question Zipalign cannot be find.

Hi Everybody.

I´m new on the B4A and i am doin a program for a school work and i have the following error.

ZipAlign file. Error
Cannot find: C:\Android\tools\zipalign.exe
Please configure paths (Tools - Configure Paths).

What is wrong ? I go to the path and the zipalign is not in the folder
I have the trial version.
What can I do to resolve ?

Sorry for my english :)


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With the new update of Android SDk build-tools, the zipalign.exe file has moved to another directory. You can find it in C:\Android\build-tools\20.0.0\", and then you copy it to "C:\Android\tools".
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I've B4A 3.80
I've just installed the last SDK updates (play service ecc... not Android L)
now when compiles, gets this error

Found 25 resource files.
Signing package file (private key) 1.04
ZipAlign file. Error
Cannot find:
Please configure paths (Tools - Configure Paths).

i searched zipalign.exe in the all folders and didn't find it
can you help me?
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Hubert Brandel

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I do have 3.82 installed and updated with SDK manager once (API 19).
Than came this error message.
Started SDK manager twice, he wants to install API 20 ff - and Tools 20.x
I don't want API 20, but checked all 20.x Tools, where before checked as 19.x
Install and ... quit
Started SDK manager third, and deinstall the doubles from 19.x tools.
Checked my paths in B4A and now it works again.
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For a year everything had been working fine... until I just did an upgrade from the SDK Manager. I saw that there was a new Revision 23 of the Android SDK Tools and Revision 20 of the Android SDK Platform-tools.

After having done the two upgrades... I got the ZipAlign.exe not found error.

I had many old SDK folders and dug up the ZipAlign.exe from the old Android 4.4W (API 20) folder and transferred it from the build-tools\android-4.4W folder to the current active folder adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030\sdk\tools\

I hope that the 4.4W ZipAlign.exe is compatible.

Wonder why it suddenly got deleted like that? ZipAlign.exe must have been automatically deleted from the tools folder when they did the upgrade. Huh?

Working now, it seems. When I did a properties on the file there didn't seem to be any version number at all.

A warning to those out there who might try doing the same thing. Before you do the upgrade, make sure you preserve the ZipAlign.exe file. I'm going to try making it Read-Only this time.
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