Android Question ZipAlign not found

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After upgrade the sdk manager i cant compile apps with B4A.

Get this error:

Parsing code.                           0.08
Compiling code.                         0.33
Compiling layouts code.                 0.06
Generating R file.                      0.11
Compiling generated Java code.          1.91
Convert byte code - optimized dex.      5.13
    Optimized dexer failed. Switching to Standard dexer.
Packaging files.                        0.72
Copying libraries resources             0.03
    Found 11 resource files.
Signing package file (private key)      0.76
ZipAlign file.                          Error
Cannot find:
Please configure paths (Tools - Configure Paths).


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I updated my B4A to 5.0.2 and now I am having this trouble again. I ready through this thread & others and have made multiple copies of zipalign.exe and put them everywhere I can find but I still have the same error.
Can anyone spot the silly mistake in my setup?



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your path is wrong or you copied it to the wrong folder.

you point to c:\program files\java\sdk while you put the file in c:\program files (x86)\Android\sdk


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So the zipalign.exe needs to have the same root as the android.jar by the looks of it? I hadn't seen that documented anywhere before:
i.e. both c:\program files\.... above.
I had already installed the newest JDK a couple of days before, but I did it again and this time put it in C:\Android. So now I have:
C:\Android\build-tools\22.0.1\zipalign.exe and
and all is working fine.

Thanks Guys!