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[B4XPages] Bluetooth Chat Example


Updated implementation, based on B4XPages of https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/android-bluetooth-bluetoothadmin-tutorial.14768/#content.

The code is much simpler...


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Tutorial of connecting Android to MS SQL Server using jRDC2


Here is a tutorial that shows the steps of how to make an Android connection to MS SQL Server using jRDC2.

Download tutorial here:
Attached the Mobile...


  • Example B4A.zip
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  • jRDC SQL Server.zip
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  • Script TestSQLServer.txt
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[B4X] AS_TabMenuAdvanced Custom Middle Button

In this example we add a MiddleButton that is larger than the internal one and is outside the TabMenu.
(18) mage.png


  • AS TabMenuAdvanced Example.zip
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B4A-Bridge over wifi without a local network

Starting from B4A v5.0, B4A-Bridge over Bluetooth is no longer available. You can use B4A-Bridge over wifi or USB debug mode to connect the IDE to a device.

By creating a mobile hotspot you can...

Please test reading your NFC credit card.....

Please test scanning of your NFC enabled credit card using the APK in the download link below. Please ensure that you have enabled NFC on your cell/device before you do a scan - the...
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Help Management for Application

Hello hope your'e well.
Apps are getting more and more complicate and to work with the user needs a manual. This examples shows how you can add an help dialog to your B4XPages Project. The help...


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[B4X] MQTT Chat Room


  • Chat_B4i.zip
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  • Chat_B4J.zip
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  • Chat_B4A.zip
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Camera2 - Still images and videos

Camera2 library is based on the Camera2 API introduced in Android 5 (API 21).
It is designed to work together with CamEx2 class.
It is supported by B4A v7.3+. The library will be included as...


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B4X Object Browser - new thread

Hi. Please place any new questions or comments about the B4X Browser here.

Backup/Restore SQLite Database

This is an example of how to back up and restore the SQL Lite database as the database produces three files with three extensions
with the following extensions 'db.db'...


  • backup.restore.sqlite.zip
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my share creation simple carousell

For the First I said Thank Too Much For Great Mr.Errel That my Inspirator, StarDust and All Of member that i can't say person by person, i wish yours appologize of my bad english, this my first...
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[B4XPages] Admob Example

Check this other excellent example from @Jack Cole.

To help the new members to make money with B4A, I tried to compile all the relevant Admob code (except mediation) of the...


  • b4xpages_admob_example4.zip
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Send and Recive SMS from PC using AsyncStreams in Wifi e VB.Net

android 12


  • SMSWifi12.zip
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  • wifiSMS.zip
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[B4X] TextEditor - Save and load external files

This is a B4i and B4A example, which demonstrates various external files related tasks.


The behavior is not exactly the same as the platforms capabilities and behavior...


  • TextEditor.zip
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ScrollView examples summary

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[B4X] Simple audio call over internet with own TURN/relay server


  • [B4A] Socket.io Simple Call Example.zip
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  • [B4i] Socket.io Simple Call Example.zip
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  • [Server] Socket.io Simple Call Example.zip
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💡 Tic-Tac-Toe. Simple XUI cross platform WiFi game example B4A vs B4i vs B4J - Newer developers

Requires B4A V9.90 or higher.

Hello fellow B4X developers.
Here is my example of using a broadcast address to automatically find another devices IP address on a network, then to use that IP...
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Check if the application is running on a Chromebook

If you want to check if the application is running on a Chromebook (for example to do some specific GUI reconfiguration to run in a resizable Window), you can use the following routine.
Hope it...

How to convert from Firebird to Sqlite

I had to deal with a database format transformation problem from Firebird to SqliteDb
I want to share my experience because I've already seen some users who asked questions about Firebird...

User selection of a voice for Text To Speech.

I've just added a speech to text facility to my note taking app using

and text...
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